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Getting Tweets in a RSS format

Due to the last change in the API of Twitter it is not possible to visualise the tweets in XML. As workaround you can use this search engine:


That allow you to query twitter for a particular set of tweets. For example if you want all the tweets of a particular user you can use the following syntax


The user is BiondiCarolibr


Theme for external RSS and twitter integration

This look like an interesting theme for WordPress if you look for side-way websites.

It should gives the possibility to integrate and mesh external data sources, I will investigate more in the coming days.

According to the author it should help in spreading your content over the web.


Update: the theme is decent, it does not offer any “viral integration” but in quite lean and simple. If you like the graphic i do not see any reason for not using it.

Here you can find a couple of example: