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Add extra pages in the XML site map of WordPress

the XML site map plug in does not insert all the pages in the Sitemap.xml. In particular, in the case of online shops this result in the impossibility to add the product pages in the fine. Thus reducing the visibility of the products.

The best way to overcome this is to use the All in one SEO plugin in order to generate a second site map that should be inserted in google webmaster tools and bing.


Backup WordPress DB for Lazy People

This plug-in should help:

WP DB Plug-in


  1. Extract the wp-db-backup/ folder file to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin at your blog’s Admin -> Plugins screen
  3. The plugin will attempt to create a directory /wp-content/backup-*/ inside your WordPress directory.
  4. You may need to make /wp-content writable (at least temporarily) for it to create this directory. For example: $ cd /wordpress/ $ chgrp www-data wp-content (where “www-data” is the group your FTP client uses) $ chmod g+w wp-content