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Script for “Resetting” your Screen in MAC

If for some reason your application always open outside your screen you can run the following script using appleScript Application:

-- Example list of processes to ignore: {"xGestures"} or {"xGestures", "OtherApp", ...}
property processesToIgnore : {}
-- Get the size of the Display(s), only useful if there is one display
-- otherwise it will grab the total size of both displays
tell application "Finder"
  set _b to bounds of window of desktop
  set screen_width to item 3 of _b
  set screen_height to item 4 of _b
end tell
tell application "System Events"
  set allProcesses to application processes
  set _results to ""
  repeat with i from 1 to count allProcesses
    set doIt to 1
    repeat with z from 1 to count processesToIgnore
      if process i = process (item z of processesToIgnore) then
        set doIt to 0
      end if
    end repeat
    if doIt = 1 then
      tell process i
        repeat with x from 1 to (count windows)
          set winPos to position of window x
          set _x to item 1 of winPos
          set _y to item 2 of winPos
          if (_x < 0 or _y < 0 or _x > screen_width or _y > screen_height) then
            set position of window x to {0, 22}
          end if
        end repeat
      end tell
    end if
  end repeat
end tell