Getting Tweets in a RSS format

Due to the last change in the API of Twitter it is not possible to visualise the tweets in XML. As workaround you can use this search engine:

That allow you to query twitter for a particular set of tweets. For example if you want all the tweets of a particular user you can use the following syntax

The user is BiondiCarolibr


WordPress Form 7 plus Bluehost plus gMail: the Proper Configuration

This is a small summary of actions for giving sense to your contact form and actually receive mail coming from the website.

Bluehost has several constrains that are not (or no longer) compatible with Form 7. In particular you can send email only if the come from the same domain of the website that it is hosting.

What follows is a good way to make things working without touching the source code of Form 7.

Bluehost side: 

  1. Go to the cPannel and select eMail
  2. Create a new account like info@<>

WordPress/Form 7 Side: 

  1. Go to the contact form
  2. Use for both “from” and “to” the email that you just created
  3. In the generic setting use info@<> as contact email

Gmail side: 

  1. Goes to setting
  2. Goes to Accounts and Import
  3. Follow the instructions for adding another email address you own
  4. Allow gmail to check and fetch the mail of the account that you created


Unfortunately forwarders that are simple to configure do not works for your form of your websites

Facebook Notification in RSS 2.0 format

If you want to visualise the notification of a Facebook page using your favorite feed you can follow this URL<myID>&format=rss20

for example for this Facebook page:

you will use the following URL for fetching the feeds:


The difference is in the details