Import and Export physical hardware, tax laws and so on

Not exactly a technicality but if you need hardware these information will serve to the purpose:

Final Price = [(Price + Frontier Duty) * V.A.T] + Fix Price

Let’s make an example:

in the case of Italy,

  • Price: your actual price at the shop/factory
  • Frontier Duty: in case of electronics 0% (*)
  • VAT: 22%
  • Fix Price: 11 Euro (**)

(*) more information for IT at and for CH at and;jsessionid=v1VTTmtTqkrs1Vvpk9ZJ1pQhpytCpNWghxB6bY1Hdw1Y75Z1ftvN!-398697991

(**) Prestazione doganale: 2,50 euro; spese postali: 3,00 euro; DAU: 5,50 euro; TOTALE: 11 euro circa