WP e-Commerce: Do not visualise meta information in the product pages

Use Chrome inspect on the meta item and identify the class of the div element containing meta values. You can then add a “display: none;” to your style sheet for the class.

In particular you can notice that the div class is custom_meta

<div class=”custom_meta”>


In order to not display the information you can edit the CSS of the template buy adding

div.custom_meta {
display: none;


WP e-Commerce: Disable Comments in Products

Simple and effective way for disabling the possibility to comment in all the products instead of doing it for each product.

function francesco_disable_wpsc_comments() {
remove_post_type_support( ‘wpsc-product’, ‘comments’ );
add_action( ‘init’, ‘francesco_disable_wpsc_comments’ );


Add this function in your theme’s function.php file

Getting Tweets in a RSS format

Due to the last change in the API of Twitter it is not possible to visualise the tweets in XML. As workaround you can use this search engine:


That allow you to query twitter for a particular set of tweets. For example if you want all the tweets of a particular user you can use the following syntax


The user is BiondiCarolibr


The difference is in the details